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All current software version has lot of bugs until now

I'm using X15200 receiver and its software has so many issues even it doesn't have option to edit Satellite name. sd quality channels plays like a reply video after using for 5 minutes. Software is very laggy. Better company could provide Tiger T3000 mega receiver software for this box it's works much better than all software for this X15200. Until now issues not yet fixed not even in latest software version 3.4.2

Product: PREMIUM-HD X15200 4K
2023-12-23 18:30:34

Major bugsneed to be addressed

Although 12800 is good receiver but still some bugs present otherwise this is one of the best receiver among class... Developers plz rectify these bugs 1. Tuner sensitivity to low level signals or fluctuating signal is poor as compared to other receivers for example : GTmedia/hellobox receivers, that is the most vital parameter to choose STB,plz try to improve it in future updates. 2. Bling Search time is too lengthy for weak signal,improve tuner sensitivity and make it time bound process instead of signal strength bound. 3. Biss key autorll is quite slow improve that .... 4. Plz include provision to import 3rd party M3U file

Product: PREMIUM-HD 12800 PLUS 4K
2022-08-11 13:03:51

Software updates

Hi sir Please allow in software updates on gmscreen to choose other players for play channel as like tiger receivers and other.plees note that issue in premium 12900 4k plus receivers in next early updates.

Product: PREMIUM-HD 12900 4k
2022-03-30 15:27:28

best mini finder

small , fast and easy to use . best for use personally for house support also diseqc 1.1 and diseqc 1.2

Product: PREMIUM-HD 9020 METER
2022-03-22 07:51:16

new Receiver with Ali chipset support 10 bit

this model has 15 month forever sharing and nice menu

Product: PREMIUM-HD 22900 PLUS 10bit
2022-01-10 03:55:01

Last Questions

New software

Hello dear premium hd i Need New software of this satellite finder with fast receiving signal step by step, and menu special zoom colorfull , cccam working please release new 2024 software

Product: PREMIUM-HD 10900 METER
2024-03-05 14:35:35

Same model or software

Premium hd x15200 or LIFESTAR LS-1 MILLION 4K is same and what i use same software for each other pls answer

Product: PREMIUM-HD X15200 4K
2024-02-24 17:21:25

Server 1.43

Hi, it is possible to update the software by bringing the server from 1.42 to 1.43. Thanks a lot.

Product: PREMIUM-HD 12800 PLUS 4K
2023-10-27 14:18:41

Italian Menu

Hi, when downloading the new software I can't find the menu in Italian. It is possible to implement. Thank you.

Product: PREMIUM-HD 12800 PLUS 4K
2023-09-22 07:46:14

Wifi not working 12800

Wi-Fi does not work, the version ( PREMIUM_12800PLUS_V24959_20230717 ) has been installed, but the problem persists

Product: PREMIUM-HD 12800 PLUS 4K
2023-08-23 14:00:57

برنامه دستگاه فایندر تصویری پرمیوم مدل 11100رو چه موقع داخل سایت قرار میدهید

درود میخواستم بدونم برنامه فایندر تصویری پرمیوم مدل 11100 رو چه موقع داخل سایت قرار می‌دهید با تشکر فراوان از شما

Product: PREMIUM-HD 11100 METER
2023-08-23 14:00:45

Add net link

Hello I have premium 22600 plus It is not possible to add iptv as a file in the USB section and the section related to iptv Please try and see Please fix it in the next version Thank

Product: PREMIUM-HD 22600 PLUS
2023-08-12 12:29:12

previous versions

Can the software be returned to previous versions?

Product: PREMIUM-HD X15200 4K
2023-05-03 16:55:11

update problems

Unfortunately, the updates of the last month have many problems. The biggest problem is the lack of proper reception of some frequencies, which I realized over time that these problems are reduced by manually adjusting and changing items that are automatic, such as lnb frequency. These problems are very common in Hotbird satellite.

Product: PREMIUM-HD X15200 4K
2023-05-03 16:55:10

Scaning problam.

No named channels not scaning. I triyed blind scan,Tp search,update channel but not scaning no name channels. New version box. curently version 2023. How to solve this problem? I want all channels scaning! Please answer me.

Product: PREMIUM-HD 12800 PLUS 4K
2023-01-24 13:48:50


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