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StarSat_SR-T30 PRO

This update is wrong or has a defect when downloading a good size of five megabytes, but when decompressing it to pass it to the device, it does not want, which invalidates the conversion process and the download is lost in its entirety. Please correct it as soon as possible. I also ask you to upload a direct download link in Bin format, meaning without the Rar and Thank you, may God help you

Product: StarSat SR-T30 PRO
2023-11-07 15:16:38

i wish to add new option

first thanks for all your updats i wish if your team can add Stalker player to use MAC in this demo

Product: StarSat SR-1515HD PRIME
2023-04-21 17:16:35

Hello dear friend of this satellite SR-2000HD HYPER update When will it come please update this satellite as soon as possible thank you, thank you first.

Hello dear friend of this satellite SR-2000HD HYPER update When will it come please update this satellite as soon as possible thank you, thank you first.

Product: StarSat SR-2000HD HYPER
2023-04-14 16:29:51

Bad software starsat sr7 2023

Starsat sr7 bad softwar 3.3.7

Product: StarSat SR-X7 EXTREME
2023-03-05 19:56:20

Update sr2070hd pro

Why is there no update for sr 2070hd pro version

Product: StarSat SR-2070HD PRO
2022-12-17 17:34:51


no review

Product: StarSat SR-488 EXTREME
2022-11-23 15:53:32



Product: StarSat SR-488 EXTREME
2022-11-23 15:53:35

[email protected]

ملف احدث قنوات فضائية نايل سات USP

Product: StarSat SR-250HD LAMBO
2022-04-26 08:36:28

Starsat t 14 update

Update for starsat t 14 extreme is too late. Please update.

Product: StarSat T14 EXTREME
2022-03-15 10:14:00


1. My link section in Apollo app shows one channel that i have put on my link multiple times and doesn't show some channels. 2. VOD section videos doesn't load 3. Net link app is not reading m3u file properly and shows only 2000 of my 7000 channel with no category order 4. In my link section in Apollo, it doesn't load channels when i press their number button pleas fix these bugs and thank you so much is advance

Product: StarSat SR-1515HD PRIME
2022-01-10 07:24:39

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Password starsat sr488 extreme

What is the password

Product: StarSat SR-488 EXTREME
2023-11-24 15:09:26

parental control

Even though I turned off the parent password, it still asks for the parent password. What should I do?

Product: StarSat SR-X7 EXTREME
2023-11-20 18:33:53

The file is locked

What is the password?

Product: StarSat SR-2080HD PRIME
2023-10-26 14:43:20

StarSat 8800 HD

Hello, please provide a new version for the 8800HD receiver

Product: StarSat SR-8800HD
2023-09-30 16:22:35

تحديث ستار سات 90000HD

التحديث الاخير 319 عندما اقوم بتصيبه على الجهاز يتعطل الى افى فى الجهاز ولايشتغل ،،، نامل من المطورين ملاحظة هذه المشكلة،،، لكم فائق الاحترام والتقدير

Product: StarSat SR-1515HD PRIME
2023-08-21 15:08:30

Account renewal

How can i renew my expired vip account

Product: StarSat SR-4070HD EXTREME
2023-08-21 15:08:32

Expired Server

Server of my Decoder SR-9990HD EXTREME has expired what should i do to restore it?

Product: StarSat SR_90000HD EXTREME
2023-08-14 16:30:00

Account renew

How can I renew my account when expire?

Product: StarSat SR-200HD EXTREME
2023-07-09 19:02:29

Starsat sr-X7 bad softwar 3.3.9

Starsat sr-X7 bad softwar 3.3.9 . luncher alwayes down and need to reinstall again. NO AUTO BISS UPDATE DIFFICULT ADD BISS CODE. software not easy to deal.

Product: StarSat SR-X7 EXTREME
2023-06-21 15:37:48


Rar file password

Product: StarSat SR-9990HD EXTREME
2023-06-07 14:23:53
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