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Update sr2070hd pro

Why is there no update for sr 2070hd pro version

Product: StarSat SR-2070HD PRO
2022-12-17 15:04:51


no review

Product: StarSat SR-488 EXTREME
2022-11-23 13:23:32



Product: StarSat SR-488 EXTREME
2022-11-23 13:23:35

[email protected]

ملف احدث قنوات فضائية نايل سات USP

Product: StarSat SR-250HD LAMBO
2022-04-26 06:06:28

Starsat t 14 update

Update for starsat t 14 extreme is too late. Please update.

Product: StarSat T14 EXTREME
2022-03-15 07:44:00


1. My link section in Apollo app shows one channel that i have put on my link multiple times and doesn't show some channels. 2. VOD section videos doesn't load 3. Net link app is not reading m3u file properly and shows only 2000 of my 7000 channel with no category order 4. In my link section in Apollo, it doesn't load channels when i press their number button pleas fix these bugs and thank you so much is advance

Product: StarSat SR-1515HD PRIME
2022-01-10 04:54:39


Nice product

Product: StarSat SR-488 EXTREME
2022-01-10 04:55:20

What new

Hello whats new in this . Kindly add option for xtream iptv

Product: StarSat SR-4040HD EXTREME
2022-01-10 04:55:13

Last Questions

Problem with Apollo VOD

The sound on Apollo vod series doesn't work, could someone please help me with this issue. Ps: I've updated the software to last version Thank you

Product: StarSat SR-T30 PRO
2023-01-27 20:57:30


Please we need update for Starsat T 14 exreme.

Product: StarSat T14 EXTREME
2023-01-17 16:32:50

ستار سات 4040 إكستريم

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته أخي هل يوجد تحديث جديد لجهاز ستار سات 4040 اكستريم. التحديث 3.17 ليس جيد.

Product: StarSat SR-4040HD EXTREME
2023-01-14 19:46:49


Could you add DREcrypt support to starsat 4000 series&

Product: StarSat SR-4080HD EXTREME
2023-01-05 11:20:46

Wi-Fi not working anymore

I was using a usb wifi port and after the update a new message appeared that no wifi device, I tried to many wifi usb ports with no solutions. when I restore the old software the wifi works properley

Product: StarSat SR-440HD
2022-12-09 12:56:30

forgetting the password

Hello, I want a way to solve the problem of forgetting the password on the Starsat 2070 HD Pro

Product: StarSat Tools Loaders
2022-12-05 16:43:45

we need a fix

hello, I would like to inform you that starsat x7 does not have biss auto, we pray for good work

Product: StarSat SR-X7 EXTREME
2022-12-02 16:24:44


ابحث عن التحديث الجديد

Product: StarSat SR-8800HD
2022-11-25 16:46:06

What's New with each Update

Hi, Thanks for providing these updates. Is it possible to know what is contained in each Update? Thanks

Product: StarSat SR-9990HD EXTREME
2022-11-05 15:53:34

Mediastar MS-Diamond z1

I have to upgrade Z1_PS4-Menu_V4.6.9_09122021 online but during upgradation error show with red light after that I do software with USB but now latest software have been not upgrade online or with USB

Product: StarSat Tools Loaders
2022-10-21 15:41:12
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