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1. My link section in Apollo app shows one channel that i have put on my link multiple times and doesn't show some channels. 2. VOD section videos doesn't load 3. Net link app is not reading m3u file properly and shows only 2000 of my 7000 channel with no category order 4. In my link section in Apollo, it doesn't load channels when i press their number button pleas fix these bugs and thank you so much is advance

Product: StarSat SR-1515HD PRIME
2022-01-10 04:54:39


Nice product

Product: StarSat SR-488 EXTREME
2022-01-10 04:55:20

What new

Hello whats new in this . Kindly add option for xtream iptv

Product: StarSat SR-4040HD EXTREME
2022-01-10 04:55:13

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What new

Hello whats new in this. Please add xtream iptv option

Product: StarSat SR-4040HD EXTREME
2022-01-10 04:50:47

Telecommande Starsat sr x7 extreme 4k probleme

La télécommande ne parvient pas à éteindre le récepteur. Mais elle marche pour les autres menus. Avant elle marchait correctement. Merci de M'aider à résoudre ce petit probleme

Product: StarSat SR-X7 EXTREME
2022-01-10 04:52:42

باقي الملفات غير موجودة في الجهاز 2030HD

أين الملفات من رقم 11 إلي 24

Product: StarSat SR-2030HD
2021-09-19 09:16:34

باقي الملفات غير موجودة في الجهاز 2030HD

لماذا باقي الملفات غير موجودة وهي من رقم 1 إلي 10 وأيضا 21 إلي24 للجهاز 2030HD؟ ارجوا منكم أصلح الخطأ ولكم مني جزيل الشكر.

Product: StarSat SR-2030HD
2021-09-19 09:16:40

Activate a server for canal channels

hi how do i activate a server for canal channels on starsat sr 4080 extreme

Product: StarSat SR-4080HD
2021-09-19 09:16:54

i need key

where are donload key chanel reciver?

Product: StarSat SR-2000HD HYPER
2021-08-10 06:34:19


My starsat x2 extreme has issues Apollo iptv hangs from time to time and also I've tried the two topmost latest version of your software and the device doesn't recognize it has an internal wifi, thanks in advance

Product: StarSat SR-X2 EXTREME
2021-08-10 06:51:32

what is the type of system?

Hello, i am rybeen and i love to mess up with these receiver and i am eager to know what is the type of system used on these devices like windows, linux macos,freebsd ..... and please tell me what is the programing language used also if i can replace the existing os with another one.

Product: StarSat SR-4090HD
2021-09-19 09:19:54

Manual biss coding menu

in new update (18-03-21) F2 key in scrambled channels (Manual coding menu) not worked ! ! ! ?

Product: StarSat SR-C10 HD Pro
2021-09-19 09:20:28
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