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Hello, please send the activation number of the istar s11 device to put the biss code

Product: iSTAR S11
2023-01-17 19:02:31

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لدي جهاز istar s9 ما يبين VOD شنو الحل

Product: iSTAR S9
2022-03-15 10:33:59

do not display VOD

i have ISTAR S9 but do not display VOD

Product: iSTAR S9
2022-03-15 10:34:01

flash rom file

Hi istar & satdl i have boot problem for this receiver istar A220 PLUS ca, i tried to turn it on and off but no luck. im 100% sure is working and only need flash rom file plz help

Product: iSTAR A220 PLUS
2022-03-15 10:34:21

Istar x30000mega

دستگاه من آی استار ایکس۳۰۰۰۰ مگا هستش لطفا آپدیت این رسیور رو هم بزارید یا برام ایمیل کنید ممنون میشم

Product: iSTAR X30000
2022-01-10 07:21:33

I dont know how to install the software

I downloaded the file and it showed as zip and i put it on a usb flash and plugged it into the device and went to the update section and local update but the device didnt show anything

Product: iSTAR S10V2
2021-09-30 10:08:00

قمت بتحديث

قمت بتحديث الجهاز على الانترنت واختفت اشارة وجودة النايل سات

Product: IQ Star Z1
2021-09-19 11:49:24


طريقة ربط الواي فاي

Product: iSTAR D12
2021-09-19 11:50:19
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