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Senator octopus2 4k

in need dump file senator octopus2 4k

Product: iBOX OCTOPUS2 4K
2022-09-10 13:08:07

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I have I box 3030 phenomena. It does not save channels. Once it's full and working, it's all gone when I close it and open it. If you have asolution, please give it to me

Product: iBOX 3030
2022-11-25 16:45:55

The new update

The new update and server upgrade, why hasn't it been released for Octopus 4 yet?k

Product: iBOX OCTOPUS 4K
2022-11-16 15:14:44

SENATOR TikTok Forever_21072022

how to use it i brouth it i dont know how to activate

Product: SENATOR TikTok Forever
2022-08-15 20:01:56

About ibox Elegant

How can I connect ibox Elegant with g-mscreen app? I have tried many ways but I couldn't although it supports the app please give me a hand with it.

2021-09-19 09:27:11


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