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1 month ago
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smart search

برجاء اضافة البحث الذكى للقنوات لريسيفر 7071 لان من المرهق كتابة اسم القناة نصا للبحث والاكتفاء بالبحث باى عدد من الحروف مثل جميع السوفتات الحالية


1 month ago
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Expired Server

My server has expired for Starsat sr 4090 how to restore it?

Ch naseem

1 month ago
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New software

Hello dear premium hd i Need New software of this satellite finder with fast receiving signal step by step, and menu special zoom colorfull , cccam working please release new 2024 software

saadaoui chawki

1 month ago
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Problème xtream iptv

Quand j'accède à xtream iptv et je charge live un message m'indique que la mémoire est insuffisante (not enough memory) Software 1.65


2 months ago
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Booting problem

SR-9990HD is on boot . I was updating software and power went off how can I fix this


2 months ago
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Same model or software

Premium hd x15200 or LIFESTAR LS-1 MILLION 4K is same and what i use same software for each other pls answer


3 months ago
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مدیا استار

سلام من هرچی گشتم نرم افزار رسیور مدیا استار ms-4030pro رو پیدا نکردم ممنون میشم تو سایت بزارید


3 months ago
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MediaStar_MS-4030_ last softwre

When i update the device to the latest version and choosing the display to 4K 60Hz, the main menu and the rest of the menus on the device become very poor resolution and the channel resolution becomes blurry.... the opposite of what was in the old update before the new update released... Has anyone encountered the same problem?


3 months ago
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Satellite is most of the time not working

Why there is only one channel working perfectly in the whole satellite. What can be the issue?


3 months ago
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why there is no continuty for the version V1.42.17479_06052023


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