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4 months ago
Blue light

Please listen to us, blue light on power buttom, it's red always not work please fix it


4 months ago
Starmax A7

One of best receivers please keep updates up


5 months ago
BugDate or UpDate

New Bugs have been added in this update, thank you very much


5 months ago

you gays just amazing. Very nice new softwares


5 months ago
Major bugsneed to be addressed

Although 12800 is good receiver but still some bugs present otherwise this is one of the best receiver among class... Developers plz rectify these bugs 1. Tuner sensitivity to low level signals or fluctuating signal is poor as compared to other receivers for example : GTmedia/hellobox receivers, that is the most vital parameter to choose STB,plz try to improve it in future updates. 2. Bling Search time is too lengthy for weak signal,improve tuner sensitivity and make it time bound process instead of signal strength bound. 3. Biss key autorll is quite slow improve that .... 4. Plz include provision to import 3rd party M3U file


5 months ago

باسلام و عرض ادب ممنون بابت گذاشتن آپدیت های رسیور آی کلاس ازشما تقاضا دارم که درصورت امکان جدیدترین آپدیت رسیور ICLASS i45 linux wifi HD راهم درسایت قرار دهید. باسپاس

Ras Kush

6 months ago
STARTRACK srt6500 GOLD_v3.07/v3.09

The former firmware v.298 has does not connect to 3G Dongle automatically when device is switched "ON". This means you have to manually connect the 3G modem dongle everytime you switch "ON" device. The latest firmwares v3.07/v3.08 come up as an "UPGRADE FAIL". Injecting the firmware in sequence has "FAILED". Renaming firmware to " GXRom.bin" has also come up as an "UPGRADE FAIL".

hashemmosavi 1362

7 months ago
مشکل نرم افزار

درود کلن نرم افزار های که امده هرکدوم یه مشکلی دارند این آخری هم توموتورمشکل داره هرباربخوای موتورتنظیم کنی باید ریست فکتوری بشه فایندربعددرست کارکنه .فایندرخوبیه چرانرم افزارشودرست ارائه نمی کنید .ممنون بابت توجه تون


7 months ago

Merci à toute l'é bon courage

Alireza yazdani

7 months ago

Very good product. Which version of software can open 88e videocon channels please answer me fast


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